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This list was created with the purpose of listing all real and alternative names used on the weapons of Warface. The real names of the weapons are used on most servers of Warface, although Warface Turkey uses alternative names.

Assault Rifles

Weapon Real Alternative
ACR Render.png ACR CCR
AK-103 Render.png AK-103 FY-103
AK-47 Render.png AK-47 FY-47
AS-"VAL" Render.png AS-"VAL" AR-"GAR"
AUG A3 Render.png AUG A3 A3-210
Beretta ARX160 Render.png Beretta ARX160 RGX160
CALICO M955A Render.png CALICO M955A M95AR
Daewoo K2 Render.png Daewoo K2 GU2
Enfield L85A2 Custom Render.png Enfield L85A2 Custom Dewnfield R65E4
Famas F1 Render.png Famas F1 F1000
FN F2000 Render.png FN F2000 F2000
Galil AR Render.png Galil AR ST-AR
H&K G36K Render.png H&K G36K ZX84K
IMBEL IA2 Render.png IMBEL IA2 Fazil UE3
M16A3 Render.png M16A3 R16A4
M4A1 Classic Render.png M4A1 R4A1
MSBS Radon Render.png MSBS Radon MS Radek
SAI GRY AR-15 Render.png SAI GRY AR-15 WAI GRAY RG-15
SIG 551 Render.png SIG 551 AY 551
Sturmgewehr 44 Render.png Sturmgewehr 44 AR 88
Tavor TAR-21 Render.png Tavor TAR-21 Karkom
Type 97 Render.png Type 97 T27
Type 97B Render.png Type 97B T27 AS
XM8 Render.png XM8 AC7

Machine Guns

Weapon Real Alternative
AUG A3 Hbar Render.png AUG A3 Hbar A3 H-Bar
Daewoo K3 Render.png Daewoo K3 GU3
H&K MG36 Render.png H&K MG36 ZX84 MG
H&K MG4 Render.png H&K MG4 LMG4
M16A2 LMG Render.png M16A2 LMG R16A2 LMG
M240B Render.png M240B LMG240
M249 Para Render.png M249 Para R249 Para
M60E4 Render.png M60E4 R60E4
MG3 Render.png MG3 LMG3
PKP Pecheneg Render.png PKP Pecheneg LMG Kapow
RPD Custom Render.png RPD Custom RMG Custom
RPK Render.png RPK FY LMG
XM8 LMG Render.png XM8 LMG AC7 LMG


Weapon Real Alternative
AA-12 Render.png AA-12 FAS-12
Anakon Render.png Anakon Boas Semi-Automatic Shotgun
Benelli M4 Classic Render.png Benelli M4 Super 90 Richmond M4 Super 90
Benelli Nova tactical Render.png Benelli Nova Tactical Richmond Nova Tactical
Cobray Striker Render.png Cobray Striker Striker
Crye Precision SIX12 Render.png Crye Precision SIX12 Accuracy SEVEN
Derya MK-10 VR 102 Render.png Derya MK-10 VR 102 Anatolia RK-102
DP-12 Render.png DP-12 CV-12
Fabarm P.S.S.10 Render.png Fabarm P.S.S.10 Fararm W.S.S.10
Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro Render.png Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro Fararm S.A.T 8 Pro
Fabarm STF 12 Compact Render.png Fabarm STF 12 Compact Fararm ATF 12
Fabarm XLR5 Prestige Render.png Fabarm XLR5 Prestige Fararm LTR6
Hawk Pump Render.png Hawk Pump Kite Pump
Jackhammer Render.png Jackhammer Piledriver
Kel-Tec Shotgun Render.png Kel-Tec Shotgun PEG-KT
MAG-7 Render.png MAG-7 PEG-7
MC 255 12 Render.png MC 255 12 MC 255 12
Mossberg 500 Custom Render.png Mossberg 500 Custom MSG 500 Custom
Remington 870 CB Render.png Remington 870 CB Richmond 870 CB
Remington Model 870 Render.png Remington Model 870 Richmond 770
Saiga Render.png Saiga PEG
Saiga H.G.C. Custom Render.png Saiga H.G.C. Custom PEG H.G.C. Custom
Saiga Bullpup Render.png Saiga Bullup PEG Bullpup
Sidewinder Venom Render.png Sidewinder Venom SX-41
SPAS-12 Render.png SPAS-12 PHS-12
SPAS-15 Render.png SPAS-15 PHS-15
SRM 1216 Render.png SRM 1216 SHG M1217
USAS-12 Render.png USAS-12 US-12
UTAS UTS-15 Render.png UTAS UTS-15 RST-14
Winchester 1887 Render.png Winchester 1887 Westerner 1887
Winchester M1897 Render.png Winchester M1897 Johnson 1957

Submachine Guns

Weapon Real Alternative
AK-9 Render.png AK-9 FY-9
AUG A3 9mm XS Render.png AUG A3 9mm XS A3 9mm XS
B&T MP9 Render.png B&T MP-9 MT-19
Beretta MX4 Storm Render.png Beretta MX4 Storm MX4 Storm
Calico M960A Render.png Calico M960A M99AS
CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Render.png CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 WX Metasoma Evo3 A1
Daewoo K1 Render.png Daewoo K1 GU1
Daewoo K7 Render.png Daewoo K7 GU7
Desert Tech MDR-C Render.png Desert Tech MDR-C Desert Tech MDR-C
FN P90 Render.png FN P90 PDW 19
H&K G36C Render.png H&K G36C ZX84C
H&K MP5 Render.png H&K MP5 ZX84 SMG
H&K MP5A5 Custom Render.png H&K MP5A5 Custom ZX84 A5 Custom
H&K MP7 Render.png H&K MP7 MM28
H&K UMP Render.png H&K UMP ZX84 UMP
Honey Badger Render.png Honey Badger CCR Honey Badger
JS 9mm Render.png JS 9mm Ch 9mm
Kriss Super V Render.png Kriss Super V Vec. 5
M4 CQB Render.png M4 CQB R4 CQB
Magpul FMG-9 Render.png Magpul FMG-9 SMG-9 Ares
Mini Uzi Render.png Mini Uzi Micro Oren
MPA10SST-X Render.png MPA10SST-X MP .38
PM-84 Glauberyt Custom Render.png PM-84 Glauberyt Custom AP-84 Custom
PP-19 Bizon Render.png PP-19 Bizon Smg-19 Wisent
PP-2000 Render.png PP-2000 TT-3000
Shpagin PPSh-41 Render.png Shpagin PPSh-41 MP 717
SIG 552 Render.png SIG 552 AY 552
Skorpion vz. 83 Render.png Skorpion vz. 83 Metasoma 83
SR-2 Veresk Render.png SR-2 Veresk SN-5G Sarosk
Tavor CTAR-21 Render.png Tavor CTAR-21 Karkom SMG
XM8 Compact Render.png XM8 Compact AC7 SMG

Sniper Rifles

Weapon Real Alternative
Alpine Render.png ALPINE Everest
AMP DSR-1 Render.png AMP DSR-1 BNP SNR-1
AS50 Render.png AS50 BT50
AT308 Render.png AT308 WT308
AWM Render.png AWM TWM
AX308 Render.png AX308 TWM X308
Barrett M107 Render.png Barrett M107 R107
Barrett M98B Render.png Barrett M98B R98B
Bushmaster BA50 Render.png Bushmaster BA50 Atheris GQ50
Calico M951S Render.png Calico M951S M917-SR
CheyTac M200 Render.png CheyTac M200 M217
Dragunov SR Render.png Dragunov SR SVK
H&K SL8 Render.png H&K SL8 ZX84 SNR
M14 Crazy Horse Render.png M14 Crazy Horse R14 Krazy Horse
M16 SPR Custom Render.png M16 SPR Custom R16 SPR Custom
M40A5 Render.png M40A5 S60B3
McMillan CS5 Render.png McMillan CS5 Miller AP6
MK 14 EBR Render.png MK 14 EBR RK14 EBR
Mosin Model 1891 Render.png Mosin Model 1891/30 MM1891/30
Orsis T-5000 Render.png Orsis T-5000 B-5000
QBU-88 Render.png QBU-88 Q-88
Remington R11 RSASS Render.png Remington R11 RSASS Richmond S22 SAS
SIG 550 Render.png SIG 550 AY 550
Steyr Scout Render.png Steyr Scout Sae Scout
Tavor STAR-21 Navy Blue Render.png Tavor STAR-21 Navy Blue Karkom SNR Navy Blue
VSS Vintorez Render.png VSS Vintorez Garota
Walther WA 2000 Render.png Walther WA 2000 Otto OT 3000
XM8 Sharpshooter Render.png XM8 Sharpshooter AC7 SNR


Weapon Real Alternative
Stechkin APS Render.png APS STCC
Beretta M9 Render.png Beretta M9 MD9
Beretta M93R Render.png Beretta M93R M93R
Browning High Power Render.png Browning High Power High Power Pistol
Calico M950 Render.png Calico M950 M900
COLT Python Elite Render.png COLT Python Elite Python
CZ 75-Auto Render.png CZ 75-Auto WX-86
Daewoo K5 Render.png Daewoo K5 GU5
Desert Eagle Render.png Desert Eagle Eagle Eye
FN Five-seveN Render.png FN Five-seveN P-57
Glock 18C Render.png Glock 18C S18G
H&K USP Render.png H&K USP ZX84 USP
Luger Render.png Luger Bellum
M1911A1 Render.png M1911A1 R1911D1
Mateba Autorevolver Render.png Mateba Autorevolver HEX Autorevolver
MP-443 Grach Render.png MP-443 Grach Shark-443
MPA 930DMG Render.png MPA 930DMG WPA 039 GMD
Nagant M1895 Render.png Nagant M1895 M1895
Pinkie-Micro Desert Eagle Render.png Pinkie-Micro Desert Eagle Pink Micro Eagle Eye
QSZ-92 Render.png QSZ-92 Q-92
Rhino 60DS Render.png Rhino 60DS Abada 266mm
S&W M&P R8 Render.png S&W M&P R8 W&S P8
SIG Sauer P226 C Render.png SIG Sauer P226 C AY 226
Steyr M9-A1 Render.png Steyr M9-A1 M9A1
Walther P99 Render.png Walther P99 Otto W77