Good day!!! Please help me convey my game idea to any developer who may like and develop this game. I am a F2P MMOFPS game lover. I have played Battlefield, CODMW, Arma 2, Soldier Front 2, Crossfire, Mercenary, War Inc, KOS, Assault Fire, AVA and etc. I have observed that every game has it's good features and defects. I am dreaming of a perfect fps game, so I gathered all the good features and find some suggestions for the defects to come up into one concept. This is an all-in-one F2P MMOFPS game wherein all modes in FPS such as all battle conquest mode, jet's battle, chopper's battle,infantry battle, destruction mode, team death match, free for all, zombie mode, mutation mode, mecha robots vs human, survival modes, are integrated into only one server.The first thing critics might say that these will take a long time to develop this game but there is a way on it. Like what other developers nowadays have done. They copy and paste some maps and programs from other games and do some contrast rectification to avoid copyright infringement. If there is a will, there will always a way. Below are the details of my suggestion. Game title to choose: The Great Strike, Cyber Troops, ULTIMATE WAR,  Game server location: Philippines ( I choose Phils .because of it's large population when it comes to F2P MMOFPS games )  Service availabilityFree-to-play worldwide Warring factions: Federal Marines vs. Imperial Army ( I won't suggest any country to avoid instigation presumption )

Character's Uniform: Please. follow the link to view the image email me to  so that I can send you back my prepared nice game uniforms.There should be only one official uniform camou in each team to give player immediate distinction between enemy and friendly soldier.All future uniform camou shall be the same to default camou. There should be faces to choose in creating character.  'Character's Face: Character"s faces similar to that of Soldier Front 2 or i'f possible the player has the option to upload his/her ID picture and the face on the ID will be the one to use in his/her character's face.

In-game character size: In-game character size the same to COD ModernWarfare 2 ''EngineUnreal Engine 3 Minimum OS Requirement: minimum OS requirement shall be Windows XP. There are two reasons why I choose Windows XP. 1st, to cater PC users who are still using low-end specs computers. 2nd, to compete other games who are still using Windows XP and higher. In this way we can accommodate as much as anybody who would like to play this game. Game modesAll battle conquest mode ( Which includes jets, choppers, tanks, LAV's, jeeps speedboats, artillery and troops.There shall be 3 control points in this map to be captured.The objective is to capture more control points in order to gain team additional momentum points. The ff. is the corresponding team additional momentum points; 1 point per 18 seconds for 1 control point,1 point per 12 seconds for 2 control points, 1 point per 6 seconds for 3 control points.To capture a control point, a player must not be boarding any vehicle, get closer to the flagpole, face it press and hold the "E" key. Unlike other game that a player can capture a flag even boarding a chopper or any vehicle) jet battle only, choppers battle only, infantry battle only, destruction mode, team death match, free-for-all, infection mode and survival mode. There must be a game commander in all battle conquest mode which is selected thru system raffle draw.His/her function is to monitor the movements of his/her troops, give commands, deploy troops by setting where shall his/her teammates re-spawns. Kinds of Maps: Large maps ( for all battle conquest mode, jet battle and choppers battle ) medium maps ( for infantry battle mode ) small maps ( for destruction mode, team death match, free-for-all, mutation mode, survival mode and infection mode )

Types of maps: City maps, town maps, jungle maps, mountain maps, seashore maps, desert maps, industrial maps, and etc.

Maximum players: 60 maximum players for all battle conquest mode, 40 maximum players for infantry battle mode, the rest are 16 maximum allowable players. 

Fighter Jets: ( For the marines ) F22 Raptor, YF23 Blackwidow 2, Eurofighter Typhoon, F35 Lightning 2, F16 Falcon, Dassault Rafale , ( For the army ) T-50 PAK FA, J20, SU47 Berkut, SU37, MiG29, JAS GRIPEN 39, . 

Fighter Jets capabilities and weapons doesn't reflect on real life but vary on their game price.They should not re-spawn unless they are not totally destroyed. They shall be equipped by a radar system to detect the location of enemy and a missile lock system to shoot enemy air and ground targets. They are on package basis , for example if you buy an F22 Raptor its equivalent is T-50 PAK FA .So you have an F22 Raptor and T-50 PAK FA in one purchase. If you look at each prices you may think that these were so cheaps, but if you think the situation that jets will not re-spawn until totally destroyed, you can say that these are reasonable prices. So players will be forced to buy more jets so that there is a jet that he can fly whenever he/she re-spawn. And remember that in every war whose side has the air superiority has the more chances of winning.

F22 Raptor / T-50 PAK FA = price (Php 1,000 ) max. speed ( 2,300 kph ) armaments : air to air missile ( 9 ) , air to surface missile ( 8 ), cluster bomb ( 7 units in one time only drop ), flares ( 2 times deployment ), trust vectoring (  yes )

YF23 Blackwidow 2 / J20 = price ( Php 900 ) max. speed ( 2,200 kph ) armaments :air to air missile ( 8 ) , air to surface missile ( 7 ), cluster bomb ( 6 units in one time only drop  ) flares ( 2 times deployment  ), trust vectoring ( yes ) Eurofighter Typhoon / SU47 Berkut = price ( Php 800 ) max. speed (2,100 kph ), armaments : air to air missile ( 7 ) , air to surface missile ( 6 ), cluster bomb ( 5 units in one time only drop ) flares ( 2 times deployment  ), trust vectoring ( no ) F35 Lightning 2/ SU37 = price ( Php 700 ) max. speed ( 2,000 kph ), armaments : air to air missile ( 6 ) , air to surface missile ( 5 ), cluster bomb ( 4 units in one time only drop ) flares ( 1 time  deployment  ), trust vectoring ( no ) F16 Falcon / MiG29 = price ( Php 600 ) max. speed ( 1,900 kph ), armaments : air to air missile ( 5 ) , air to surface missile ( 4 ), cluster bomb ( 3 units in one time only drop ) flares ( 1 time  deployment ), trust vectoring ( no ) Dassault Rafale / JAS GRIPEN 39 price ( Php 500 ) max. speed ( 1,800 kph ), armaments : air to air missile ( 4 ) , air to surface missile ( 3 ), cluster bomb ( 2 units in one time only drop ) flares ( 1 time  deployment  ), trust vectoring ( no ) Choppers: = price ( Php 400 ) ( For the marines  AH64D Apache Attack Helicopter ( for the army MI-28H Havoc ) armaments: ( 30mm chain gun, anti-tank missiles and unguided rockets ), flares ( 3 times deployment )    Aircraft should re-spawn on the ground and players should enter the aircraft before flying to show realistic simulation.They should pass to their airbase runway to re-arm. Please mount at least 4 system controlled unvulnerable surface to air missile anti aircraft in each air-base to defend against base rape strategy by enemy jets and choppers. It has been a bad experience on the other game that a safe base was base raped by enemy jets and choppers and the result is a picture of unfair gameplay. Battle Tanks: = price ( Php 300 ) ( for the marines M1A2 Abram tank ) ( for the army  T-90 battle tank: max. speed ( 70 kp/h ) armaments ( 120 mm smoothbore gun , 50 caliber 12.7mm  heavy machine gun and  7.62mm machine gun ) ( There shall be two battle tanks used in each team during game time ) ''Anti Aircraft Vehicles: = price ( Php 300 ) ( for the marines 'M84 Argus Forward Area Air Defense System '(' FAADS )  ( for the army Tunguska  9K22 )   max. speed ( 75 kp/h ) armaments ( 16 'heat seeking  missiles stored in four launcher boxes and two 30mm air-cooled automatic gun ) ( There shall be two AAV’s used in each team during game time ) ''Light Armored Vehicles: = price ( 200 Php ) ( for the marines 'LAV-25A2' ) '( for the army 'BTR-90' ) max. speed ( 100 kp/h )  armaments' ( 25 mm chain  gun and two 7.62 mm machine  guns ) ( There shall be two LAV’s used in each team during game time ) All fighter jets, choppers, tanks, LAV's, AAV's, and military jeeps shall be repainted by the team respective camou in order to give the player immediate distinction between enemy and friendly vehicles. 

Military Jeeps:  military jeeps are free for use ( For the marines HMMWV Humvee )  ( for the army  GAZ-2330 Tigr ) max. speed ( 140 kp/h ) armaments ( 50 caliber 12.7mm  heavy machine gun mounted at the top of the canopy ) ( There shall be four military jeeps used in each team during game time )  Rifles: M4A1, M16A2, AR-15, Remington R4, Barrett REC7, Bushmaster ACR, AK-47, AK-74, AK-103, AN-94, SIG551, XM8, SCARLITE , SCARHEAVY, FN F2000, FN-FAL, King Arms, BW15, Blackwater M4, BOLT417, GALIL ARM AQ, M14 EBR, FARA 83, IMI GALIL, IMI Tavor TAR21, Heckler and Koch HK 416C, L85A1, LS 90,BSA 28P, G36K, KTR-08, SteyrAug A1, SteyrAug A3, Thompson, FAMAS, LR300 ML, QBZ-95, QBZ03, SG552, Elite rifle's price ( Php 100 ).Rifles are lock according to rank.Any team can use all rifles as long as they are unlock to their rank.( Please add other nice rifle did not mentioned here ) 

Snipe guns:: Barret M82A1, Walther WA 2000, AWM, DSR-1, CT-M200, TPG-1, TRG-21, R93 T2, Dragunov. Elite snipe gun price ( Php 100 ) Snipe guns are lock according to rank. Any team can use all snipeguns as long as they are unlock to their rank ( Please add nice snipeguns I did not mentioned here) SMGs: : PP19 Bizon, M12S, MP7-PDW, SR2M Veresk, UMP5, P90, 9A-91, Sterling, Kriss Vector, Kriss Super V. Elite snipe weapon's price ( Php 100 ) SMG's guns are lock according to rank.Any team can use all snipeguns as long as they are unlock to their rank ( Please add other SMG's I did not mentioned here) Please add other types of weapons such as grenade rifles, RPG's, Anti aircraft Gunfire sounds: gunfire sounds similar to that of Crossfire Philippines. with each guns must have each gunfire sound distinction 

Gun appearance:gun appearance similar to that of Soldier Front 2 Crosshair: Crosshair can be customize free similar to that of Crossfire. When a gun is fired, the crosshair size shall expand  in normal size, unlike to A.V.A and CODMW that the crosshair expand rapidly to a bigger size when the gun is fired. 

Kill streak voice:There must be a kill streak voice if a player kill enemies successively in a certain amount of time 

''Kill markthere should be a kill mark that will automatically display below the crosshair right after a player kills an enemy. Suggested kill mark red star in a blue circle with 8 golden rays. Please add weapon customization and free to create room Nation's Battle Server: Please create a nation's battle server instead of clan server. Every country must have a country commander and applicants must apply to the publisher for the position.The publisher must choose from any of the applicants qualified for the position. The successful candidate shall be the one to determine the residency, test the ability and accept the applicants for membership in his/her country.There should be an annual country champion determined by some criteria given by the game publisher.  Anticheat Program: Before a player enter into the server, there shall be a program that will scan his/her computer to detect any illegal program and if found he/she shall be barred from entering into the server. Also no kick are allowed in this game.Since no kicks are allowed in this game, so therefore no friendly fire are also allowed to prevent a player killing his/her own team mates.  Source of Funds: For sale fighter jets, choppers, armoured vehicles, special guns and special characters. There shall be a monthly  repair cash  charge for the following ; for fighter jets ( Php 10 ), for choppers ( Php 7 ), for armoured vehicles ( Php 5 ), for  special riples, snipe and SMG’s ( Php 2 ). All repairs shall be done in itemized basis.This is to keep the income of the game alive. Payment shall be made thru a money transfer company capable to do a worldwide transaction.  In order to protect the players account, valid email address or valid Facebook account shall be required during the creation of accounts and shall be verified  by the publisher, so that in case of account's hack or lost of password or username, the player will just re change it to the given link sent by the publisher to the player's email address or Facebook account. If possible the player has the option to upload his/her ID picture and the face on the ID will be the one to use in his/her character's face. Please add new motions as follows: aiming a gun ( control key = right mouse button ) sprint ( control keys = W+shift ), roll forward ( control keys = W+shift+spacebar ), roll backward ( control keys = S+shift+spacebar ), roll sideward right ( control keys = D+shift+spacebar ), roll sideward left ( control keys = A+shift+spacebar ), body drop, crawl and back to standing position ( control keys = X then W then X )

For more information please email to I have some great ideas such as fighter jets battling against enemy jets flying and maneuvering in between tall buildings, in between high mountains and in between tall trees. Godzilla, dragons and dinosaurs vs. humans in PvE mode. Please if you like the idea develop it immediately because I send this to several developers..... Note : All of the above are only suggestions. The end decision and choice are from the developer.Thank you so much.......

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