aka WARDOG82

  • My occupation is People offender
  • I am not sexist or racist I'm humanist I hate everyone equally/ someone who don't care about your feelings in the slightest...

My Classes

Rifleman: Golden Fn Fal DSA-58, Golden ARX160, Gold Hcar, Golden Enfield, Golden Ak Alpha

Secondary: Golden Sig Sauer P226 C or Golden Maxim 9

Melee: Golden balisong knife


Medic: Golden DP-12, Golden Uzkon UNG-12, Golden Marlin 1894

Secondary: Kiwi S&W R8 or Golden Maxim 9

Melee: Golden balisong knife


Engineer: KRISS SUPER V CUSTOM, Golden Tommy gun M1928, Gold Sig MPX, Gold Lwrc Smg-45

Seconday: Golden CZ 75 Parrot or Golden Maxim 9

Melee: Golden balisong


Sniper: Golden Steyr scour, truvelo 20mmx42mm, Golden McMillan cs5, Golden M14 Crazy Horse, Syndicate CDX-MC Kraken or Gold AX308

Secondary: Golden Maxim 9 or Golden Cz 75 parrot

Melee: Golden balisong knife

Attachments still needed: None

Guns still needed: None

Armor still needed: None

What I think...

Daewoo k7 gets slept on... It's an alright gun, but is not very effective at medium to medium-long range

Gold weapon users are not noobs... or Douche bags...

I think Exclusion zone is so much better than Mojave....

I hate being called p2w


Battle royal win counter: 53πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Rank: 67(PS4)

KDR: 2.017

Matches played: 1900+

My Profile

Name: Mag-Inquisitor

Platform:PS4 (Former pc player)

Rank: 67

K/D: 2.017

Games Played: 1,900+

Clan: *Magnificent* NA

Clan master: Whatwouldyoudo

Clan rank:

Clan position: Member

Clan points:50,000


Rifleman: Gold FN FAL DSA-58, Sai Gry AR-15, Beretta ARX160 Nuclear, RPD Custom, KIWI VHS-2, Yellow Emperor ACR, (Gold) AK-47, AUG A3, MSBS Radon. Aug A3, tar-21 neon, PKP Pecheneg, Gold Harms cqr, Golden Beretta ARX160, Golden ACR, K.I.W.I. FN FAL DSA-58, M1613 Gold, Gold HCAR,Gold RPD Custom, Stoner LMG A1, Golden Enfield, Gold Stoner LMG A1, Golden Ak Alpha, Phobos Type 97, Godfather AK-47

Medic: KIWI Saiga Custom, Remington 870 RAS, Gold Fabarm STF 12 Compact, Fabarm P.S.S. 10, Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro, Yellow Emperor Cobray striker, Yellow Emperor Fabarm STF 12 Compact, Derya MK-10 VR 102, Mag-7 Nuclear, Cobray striker, Remington 870 cb neon, DP-12, Golden Winchester 1887, Golden Uzkon πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ, Fabarm Prestige Gold, Mossberg 500 Custom, Marlin 1894 Custom, Golden Marlin 1894 Custom, Saiga bullpup, Golden DP-12, Crye Precision SIX12, Phobos Winchester 1887, Golden Saiga Bullpup

Engineer: CZ Scorpion EVO, KIWI Uzi Pro, Yellow Emperor ACR CQB, Daewoo k7, Aug 9mm neon, Sr versek, Gold lwrc, Kriss super v custom, K.I.W.I Desert tech, Golden ACR CQB, Tavor ctar, Gold Tavor Ctar, Honey Badger, Tommy Gun M1928, Golden Tommy gun M1928, Phobos ACR CQB, Golden Desert tech MDR-C


Sniper: Gold AWM, Yellow Emperor AS50, KIWI Gepard GM6 Lynx, AX308 with cartel/ KIWI skin, AT308, Barrett M107, Gold AX308, Gold steyr scout,Remington MSR, Golden Krazy horse, CDX-MC Kraken, Syndicate CDX-MC Kraken, Syndicate AT308, Gold Remington MSR, MK14 EBR, H&K G28, DSA SPR,Golden Mcmillian Cs5, Mcmillian Cs5, Phobos Mcmillian Cs5, Galaxy H&K G28, Good AS50

Pistols: Gold Desert Eagle, CZ75 Czechmate Parrot, Sig Sauer P226 C Avalanche skin (600%) , Stechkin APS, Atlas CZ-75 Auto, M1911A1, Nuclear M1911A1, H&K USP, Impulse Walther P99, Yellow emperor Desert Eagle, Walter P99 infinity, Golden Sig Sauer p226 C, K.I.W.I. S&W M&P R8, Maxim 9, Golden Maxim 9, Golden CZ 75 Checkmate Parrot

Melee: Katana Nuclear, Icebreaker Tactical Axe, Atlas Tactical Axe, Balisong knife ( ALL SKINS), S&W Tanto blade, Gold Balisong Knife, Kiwi tactical axe, Kiwi m87 bowie knife, yakuza katana, Tactical Axe nuclear nuclear, Jagdkommando,

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