Tactical Axe
Tactical Axe Render
Icon RiflemanIcon MedicIcon EngineerIcon Sniper
Randombox Tactical Axe
Repair Cost
Full repair - 1125Currency Dollars
Primary Attack
Damage 76
Range 2.1
Radius 0.4
Attack Duration (ms) 280
Attack Cooldown (ms) 170
Secondary Attack
Damage 160
Range 2.4
Radius 0.5
Attack Duration (ms) 850
Attack Cooldown (ms) 470

The Tactical Axe is a Melee Weapon.


Its primary attack needs 3 hits to kill users of anti-melee vests unlike Katana which only needs 2. The Secondary attack is basically the same as of the Katana and kills users of vests that provide melee protection with just 1 hit, but is slightly faster.

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