Spectrum Sigma Gloves
Spectrum Sigma Rifleman Gloves RenderSpectrum Sigma Medic Gloves Render
Spectrum Sigma Engineer Gloves RenderSpectrum Sigma Sniper Gloves Render
Icon RiflemanIcon MedicIcon EngineerIcon Sniper
Repair Cost
Full repair - 1470Currency Dollars
Icon Rifleman
+20% Arm Protection
-20% Recoil Att/Max
Icon Medic
+20% Arm Protection
-20% Spread Min/Max
Icon Engineer
+20% Arm Protection
-20% Spread Min/Max
Icon Sniper
+20% Arm Protection
-15% Recoil Att/Max
-10% Select/Deselect Duration
The Spectrum Sigma Gloves are gloves available for all classes.


The Spectrum Sigma Gloves give 20% protection to the arms for all classes and gives unique properties to each class:

  • Rifleman: Improves recoil by 20%.
  • Medic: Improves spread by 20%.
  • Engineer: Improves spread by 20%.
  • Sniper: Improves recoil by 15% and select/deselect duration by 10%.

The Spectrum Sigma Gloves can be obtained by completing missions on the hardest difficulty:

All Spectrum Sigma Gloves can also be obtained by buying Warboxes from the Shop. This is the only way to obtain the Spectrum Sniper Gloves.

Set Bonus

If worn together with other Spectrum Items, will grant a Set Bonus:

Set Items Class Effect
2 Icon Rifleman -10% Reload Duration
-15% Select/Deselect Duration
Icon Medic -10% Reload Duration
-20% Select/Deselect Duration
Icon Engineer -10% Reload Duration
-20% Select/Deselect Duration
Icon Sniper -10% Reload Duration
-5% Select/Deselect Duration
4 Reduces bullet damage by 10
Regenerates 2 HP and 2 AP/s (after 4 seconds without taking damage).
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