Spectrum Sigma Gloves
Spectrum Sigma Rifleman Gloves Render.pngSpectrum Sigma Medic Gloves Render.png
Spectrum Sigma Engineer Gloves Render.pngSpectrum Sigma Sniper Gloves Render.png
Icon Rifleman.pngIcon Medic.pngIcon Engineer.pngIcon Sniper.png
Repair Cost
Full repair - 1470Currency Dollars.png
Icon Rifleman.png
+20% Arm Protection
-20% Recoil Att/Max
Icon Medic.png
+20% Arm Protection
-20% Spread Min/Max
Icon Engineer.png
+20% Arm Protection
-20% Spread Min/Max
Icon Sniper.png
+20% Arm Protection
-15% Recoil Att/Max
-10% Select/Deselect Duration

The Spectrum Sigma Gloves are gloves available for all classes.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Spectrum Sigma Gloves give 20% protection to the arms for all classes and gives unique properties to each class:

  • Rifleman: Improves recoil by 20%.
  • Medic: Improves spread by 20%.
  • Engineer: Improves spread by 20%.
  • Sniper: Improves recoil by 15% and select/deselect duration by 10%.

The Spectrum Sigma Gloves can be obtained by completing missions on the hardest difficulty:

Set Bonus[edit | edit source]

If worn together with other Spectrum Items, will grant a Set Bonus:

Set Items Class Effect
2 Icon Rifleman.png -10% Reload Duration
-15% Select/Deselect Duration
Icon Medic.png -10% Reload Duration
-20% Select/Deselect Duration
Icon Engineer.png -10% Reload Duration
-20% Select/Deselect Duration
Icon Sniper.png -10% Reload Duration
-5% Select/Deselect Duration
4 Reduces bullet damage by 10
Regenerates 2 HP and 2 AP/s (after 4 seconds without taking damage).
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