Skins are cosmetic items that affect the appearance of the player, hiding their equipment. Female Skins also change the voice commands of the player.


Name Edit
Image Stats
Special SuitSpecial Suit Skin +40% Sprint Stamina
Resistance SuitRussian Uniform Skin -
Aurora SquadSquad Aurora Skin -
Domination SquadSquad Pandora Skin -
C.S.F.Squad Night Tiger Skin +40% Sprint Stamina
Paragon SquadSquad Phantom Skin -
Widow Maker SquadSquad Black Widow Skin -
Arctic SquadArctic Uniform Skin -
Exosuit AOS M2Exosuit AOS M2 Skin -
NanosuitNanosuit Skin -
Ghost SquadGhost Squad Skin -
Female NanosuitFemale Nanosuit Skin -
SAS SquadSAS Squad Skin +40% Sprint Stamina
Atlas SFGAtlas SFG Skin -
C.O.S.COS Skin +40% Sprint Stamina
AbsoluteAbsolute Skin -
BlackwoodBlackwood Skin +50% Sprint Stamina
GorgonaRifleman Gorgona SkinMedic Gorgona SkinEngineer Gorgona SkinSniper Gorgona Skin -
Elite GorgonaRifleman Elite Gorgona SkinMedic Elite Gorgona SkinEngineer Elite Gorgona SkinSniper Elite Gorgona Skin +60% Sprint Stamina
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