Salamander Boots
Berserk Rifleman Boots RenderBerserk Medic Boots Render
Berserk Engineer Boots RenderBerserk Sniper Boots Render
Icon RiflemanIcon MedicIcon EngineerIcon Sniper
Repair Cost
Full repair - 1248Currency Dollars
Icon Rifleman
+20% Leg Protection
+10% Sprint Speed
Icon Medic
+20% Leg Protection
Silent Movement
Icon Engineer
+20% Leg Protection
+10% Sprint Speed
Delays Mine Activation (3x)
Icon Sniper
+20% Leg Protection
Silent Movement
+30% Sliding Time
The Salamander Boots are shoes available for all classes.


The Salamander Boots give 20% protection to the legs for all classes and gives unique properties to each class:

  • Rifleman: Increases sprint speed by 10%.
  • Medic: Reduces movement sound by 40%.
  • Engineer: Increases sprint speed by 10% and delays mine activation by 3x.
  • Sniper: Reduces movement sound by 40% and increases duration of slides by 30%

Set BonusEdit

If worn together with other Salamander Items, will grant a Set Bonus:

Salamander Set Bonus
Set Items Effect
Class Icon Rifleman Icon Medic Icon Engineer Icon Sniper
-10% Recoil Att/Max Detects mines within 10 meters -20% Spread Min/Max Delays Mine Activation by 2x
4 Reduces bullet damage by 6
Regenerates 4 HP and 4 AP/s (after 4 seconds without taking damage)
5 Reduces bullet damage by 12
+40% Explosive Protection
+35% Crouch Speed
Reduces bullet damage by 12
+30% Explosive Protection
+16% Sprint Speed
Reduces bullet damage by 12
+30% Explosive Protection
+35% Crouch Speed
Reduces bullet damage by 12
+30% Explosive Protection
+15% Sprint Speed

Set ItemsEdit

These are the items that are part of the Salamander Set. Only the regular weapon can be used, which means gold or any other version will not work.

Salamander Set Items
Class Weapon Helmet Vest Gloves Shoes
Icon Rifleman Type 97 Render Berserk Rifleman Helmet Render Berserk Rifleman Vest Render Berserk Rifleman Gloves Render Berserk Rifleman Boots Render
HCAR Render
Enfield L85A2 Custom Render
VHS-2 Render
AS-"VAL" Render
Icon Medic Mossberg 500 Custom Render Berserk Medic Helmet Render Berserk Medic Vest Render Berserk Medic Gloves Render Berserk Medic Boots Render
DP-12 Render
Crye Precision SIX12 Render
Derya MK-10 VR 102 Render
Saiga H.G.C. Custom Render
Icon Engineer Tavor CTAR-21 Render Berserk Engineer Helmet Render Berserk Engineer Vest Render Berserk Engineer Gloves Render Berserk Engineer Boots Render
Magpul FMG-9 Render
SR-2 Veresk Render
H&K MP5A5 Custom Render
Icon Sniper DSA SA58 SPR Render Berserk Sniper Helmet Render Berserk Sniper Vest Render Berserk Sniper Gloves Render Berserk Sniper Boots Render
H&K G28 Render
McMillan CS5 Render
CheyTac M200 Render
AT308 Render
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