SA-16 Render
Icon RiflemanIcon MedicIcon EngineerIcon Sniper
Damage 500
Range 12
Ammunition Capacity 1/1
Additional Information
Damage Minimum 32
Damage Drop 1.2/m
Explosive Information
Blast Radius 4-8

The SA-16 is a Rocket Launcher.

Old model


This weapon is found in PvE missions where it is needed to destroy Bosses and objectives. This weapon can also be found in some PvP maps such as Mojave, Airbase, and Trailer Park.

Trivia Edit

Despite the explosive nature of the projectile, kills scored using the SA-16 will not be considered “explosive kills“ in the scoreboard or during events.

In late octomber the model was changed into RLGS-100 with a green tint added to differentiate both weapons, its rockets do not target seek.

Old View model
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