Media and Critic ReviewsEdit

Crytek set out to make a high quality, free-to-play FPS, and have returned with Warface. See what reviewers have to say about Warface so far.

"Amazing graphics even on low end computers, varied content with daily updates, unique progression with in-game items. Team Deathmatch maps can seem generic, however."


"Warface is a small-scale quick-installing pick-up-and-play shooter with fun sensibility and a few upgrade and squad-building hooks to catch a long-term audience. There's certainly potential for Warface to find a happy home in many a browser window come launch day. We'll be sure to check back in when it does."


"It's a good, generous Versus game, one that I'd happily play if I didn't have Battlefield, and I'd generally play it over CoD, anyway. If they make the AI less predictable and one-note, then the co-op will definitely show its muscles. You get a lot for free in Warface, and when it comes out it'll be worth your attention."


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