Orsis T-5000
Orsis T-5000 Render
Icon Sniper
Repair Cost
Full repair - 7200Currency Dollars
Damage Multipliers
Head:5.0x, Body:1.08x, Arms:1.05x, Legs:1.05x.
Damage 350
Range 45
Rate of Fire 46
Aim Accuracy 104
Hip Accuracy 42
Ammunition Capacity 5/30
Additional Information
Damage Minimum 295
Damage Drop 130/m
Reload Duration 3.65s
Zoom in/out Duration 140ms / 90ms
Select/Deselect Duration 365ms / 365ms
Spread Minimum/Maximum
Stand 25 / 38 0.025 / 0.038
Crouch 20 / 30.4 0.025 / 0.038
Prone 19.25 / 30.4 0.025 / 0.038
Slide 28.75 / 43.7 0.025 / 0.038
Walk 32.5 / 45.6 0.025 / 0.038
Sprint 175 / 38 -
Jump 125 / 45.6 0.25 / 0.38
Spread Attack
Spread Decay
Spread Decay Delay
Recoil Attack
Stand 150 150
Crouch 120 120
Prone 115.5 115.5
Walk 165 150
Sprint 150 -
Jump 150 150
Recoil Max
Recoil Decay
Recoil Smoothness
Recoil Randomness

The Orsis T-5000 is a Russian bolt-action sniper rifle. The rifle was introduced in 2011 at an international exhibition of Russian weapons. It offers high accuracy and extreme penetration power. Not even strong protective gear will protect sufficiently against a direct hit.
  — Item Description 

The Orsis T-5000 is a Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.


The Orsis T-5000 is a unique Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, in that it features lower range but very high minimum damage (similar to the Steyr Scout and Bushmaster BA50), and also increased damage multiplier to the limbs (arms and legs). It is a really strong F2P gun. It has a high zoom-in speed compared to other sniper rifles. Stat-wise, it's really close to the Steyr Scout and Bushmaster BA50. As a result, the weapon has a higher one-hit kill chance than the comparable AX308, Steyr Scout or M40A5. However, it does feature a slightly slower scope-in speed and just 5 rounds per magazine. Nevertheless, it performs strongly even when against Warbox sniper rifles, and can be seen as a downgrade to the Bushmaster BA50.

The high minimum damage means it can kill with one hit even at extremely long ranges, thereby negating the disadvantage of having only a 45 meter range.



  • Sniper Rifle Suppressor


  • Sniper Rifle Bipod
  • Special Sniper Bipod


  • Default Sniper Scope 5.5x
  • Mid-Range Sniper Scope 4.5x
  • Short-Range Sniper Scope 4x
  • Fast Mid-Range Scope 5x

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