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*Sniper Rifle Suppressor
*Sniper Rifle Suppressor
*Sniper Rifle Silencer
*Sniper Rifle Silencer
*Sniper Rifle Bipod
*Special Sniper Bipod
*Default Sniper Scope 5.5x
*Default Sniper Scope 5.5x

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MK 14 EBR Ares
MK 14 EBR Ares Render.png
Icon Sniper.png
Damage Multipliers
Head:5.0x, Body:1.0x, Hands:0.8x, Legs:0.8x.
Damage 225
Range 70
Rate of fire 155
Aim Accuracy 104
Hip Accuracy 62
Ammunition Capacity 25/75

The MK 14 EBR Ares is a special variant of the MK 14 EBR.



  • Shared Silencer
  • Sniper Rifle Suppressor
  • Sniper Rifle Silencer


  • Default Sniper Scope 5.5x
  • Mid-Range Sniper Scope 4.5x
  • Short-Range Sniper Scope 4x
  • Fast Mid-Range Scope 5x
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