Lee Wharton
Lee Warton






PvE missions

General Lee Wharton is the leader and military commander of Warface



Not much is known about Lee Wharton, he was an U.S. soldier who fought in Afghanistan and also in the Cold War.

Lee Wharton had met Ursula Ellis when she just had started Blackwood, at the time just a small organization, but that would grow to what they are today.

He became a respected and feared general until retirement. His fierce determination in combat earned him the nickname Warface.

In 2028, after Blackwood unleashed a series of armed conflicts, Lee Wharton comes out of retirement and starts a movement to oppose Blackwood. Hundreds of soldiers join the rapidly growing anti-Blackwood movement, aptly named after the General himself – Warface.


General Lee Wharton appears in almost every PvE mission in the game. In regular CO-OP missions, he usually narrates the tactical objectives on mission start. In PvE Missions, he provides guidance for Warface operatives in the whole duration of the mission.

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