Heavy Gunner
Heavy Gunner PVE
Health Points
Easy Normal Pro
3400 3400 4000
Primary Weapon
Minigun Render
Easy Normal Pro
16 20 30
Damage Drop
Easy Normal Pro
1/m 1/m 1/m
Easy Normal Pro
15 15 10
Rate of Fire
Easy Normal Pro
400 400 400
Easy Normal Pro
8 20 28
Ammunition Capacity
Easy Normal Pro
70 90 120
Reload Duration
Easy Normal Pro
5s 4s 5s

The Heavy Gunner is a mini-boss of PvE.


A unique type of opponent, which is found only in PvE. This enemy uses a weapon resembling a Gatling gun. His only weakness is the unit in his back, he will not take damage anywhere else. It is also invulnerable to all explosions. He takes damage anywhere when attacked with a Defibrillator.

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