HCAR Render
Icon Rifleman
HCAR Warbox HCAR Warbox Crown
Repair Cost
Full repair - 5400Currency Dollars
Damage Multipliers
Head:4.9x, Body:2.0x, Arms:2.5x, Legs:2.5x.
Damage 82
Range 18
Rate of Fire 250
Aim Accuracy 31
Hip Accuracy 20
Ammunition Capacity 20/80
Additional Information
Damage Minimum 70
Damage Drop 0.4/m
Reload Duration 2.7s
Zoom in/out Duration 150ms / 200ms
Select/Deselect Duration 500ms / 400ms
Spread Minimum/Maximum
Stand 4.8 / 7 0.15 / 0.7
Crouch 3.6 / 7 0.15 / 0.7
Prone 3.6 / 7 0.15 / 0.7
Slide 3.6 / 7 0.15 / 0.7
Walk 6.9 / 11.2 0.3 / 1.4
Sprint 7.8 / 14 -
Jump 8.1 / 15.4 0.36 / 1.75
Spread Attack
Stand 0.8 0.5
Crouch 0.7 0.5
Prone 0.7 0.5
Walk 1 0.5
Jump 1 0.5
Spread Decay
Spread Decay Delay
Recoil Attack
Stand 60 48
Crouch 48 42
Prone 46.2 42
Walk 66 48
Sprint 60 -
Jump 60 60
Recoil Max
Recoil Decay
Recoil Smoothness

HCAR is a modernized version of the legendary BAR rifle, produced by Ohio Ordnance Works. The original BAR has seen action in both World Wars, and HCAR is a worthy successor for such a venerated ancestor. This semi-automatic rifle uses powerful .30-06 ammo, packing a superb punch. Compared to its predecessor, it also boasts greatly reduced weight and improved ergonomics.
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The HCAR is a Warbox Assault Rifle.


The HCAR is a unique semi-automatic assault rifle. Its damage per shot is very low in relation to its slow rate of fire, yet this is nullified by its significantly increased damage multipliers to the body and limbs, essentially making it the tactical equivalent of a light semi-automatic sniper rifle. Unfortunately, even with its increased damage multipliers, it is still easily out-damaged by even basic semi-automatic sniper rifles; in fact every other semi-automatic sniper rifle in the game, aside from the SVU-AS and default Dragunov SR, deal more damage to the body than the HCAR. This weapon's underwhelming damage potential is not helped by its placement as a Warbox rifle, and the fact that it will not deal increased damage to targets such as the turrets found in many PvE missions. Due to its low damage, 3 shots will often be necessary to down heavily-armored targets at long range, further diminishing its effectiveness. It will also fail to kill a SED with a single shot to the head, despite its abysmal rate of fire. It offers only acceptable performance at long range, but most players would be much better served with a semi-automatic sniper rifle.

Its unique iron sight gives 1.3x magnification and reduces zoom in duration by 20%.



  • Shared Silencer
  • Assault Silencer
  • Assault Suppressor


  • Shared Grip
  • Assault Grip
  • Assault Grip Pod


  • EOTech 553
  • Elcan SpecterOS
  • TRUGLO Red Dot Sight
  • Advanced Assault Rifle Scope
  • Trijicon ACOG

Versions Edit

  • Yakuza HCAR
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