We have touched on the four basic classes used in the game, but we will now delve into the mechanics and improvements Warface has made in the PC FPS genre.

NOTE: All mechanics discussed are applicable to both PvP and PvE situations unless otherwise stated.

Graphics RenderingEdit

As the game is powered by CryEngine 3, the same engine used in the entire Crysis game series. The game is rather well optimized, and can be handled by most PC's.

Weapon Customization On-the-GoEdit

When starting a game, you can customize your weapon any time by pressing the default customization button "C" (PC) and "" (XBOX360), and attaching objects like a silencer and a different sight magnification. There is no need to leave a game and customize your weapon in the lobby whatsoever


Buddy Climbing and AssistingEdit

To scale higher obstacles like walls and to push objects that require more than one person (in PvE), you can ask for assistance from a teammate to gain an advantage on the other team. Scaling obstacles in PvP often creates an overlooking vantage point on the ground for easier killing.

Warface Screenshot019 Climb


While sprinting, holding the default sliding button "F" (PC) and by clicking once on the Left Analog (XBOX360) will cause your character to slide over the ground. This decreases the target area that enemies will have to shoot you with and can also help you gain access to places you otherwise could not. While sliding, it is also possible to target and shoot your weapon or throw a grenade.


Class InterdependenceEdit

While each class has their own strengths and weaknesses, a healthy combination of all four classes will ensure a higher chance of victory in both PvE and PvP situations.

Riflemen bring healthy up-front damage in medium range and can resupply teammates with more ammo. They, however, cannot recover any health or armor so they tend to die faster and their damage falls a little in larger maps as well as smaller maps.

Medics can revive fallen teammates if revived in a set time span, can heal injured people and themselves with medkits, and deal high burst damage in close quarters with their shotguns. Their power decreases with larger maps.

Engineers can use claymores, deadly explosives that are triggered by nearby movement, to choke pathways with explosives, can use their armor kits to restore the armor of teammates, and deal high damage close quarters with their submachine guns. Their power decreases with larger maps.

Snipers deal extremely high amounts of damage long range and tend to take less damage because of the nature of their ranged weapons but suffer when it comes to close quarters combat.

Together, however, they can supply each other with ammo, health, armor, and extra explosives as well as healthy damage long range, short range, and medium range.

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