Warface Team

U.S. General Lee Wharton was both respected and feared by his men for his fierce determination in combat - earning him the nickname 'Warface'. Wharton has come out of retirement to stand against the corruption and violent profiteering of Blackwood. Hundreds join his rapidly growing movement, named after the general himself.

Warface deploys small teams of experienced and highly specialized infantry operators to strike against Blackwood.


Blackwood Organization

Blackwood is a multinational enterprise corporation of individual soldiers. Led by CEO Ursula Ellis, they use their military resources to harness money from various sources around the globe. They are actively interfering in the Balkans, Afghanistan, and the favelas of Brazil. Their main business is to steal resources and siphon money into their organization.

In Afghanistan, they are stealing the oil resources for themselves.

In the Balkans, they have a nuclear weapons deal.

In the favelas, they rob children from their parents to harvest stem cells in an effort to develop cures and immunities as well as diseases and sell the medical products for profit.

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