Crye Precision SIX12
Crye Precision SIX12 Render.png
Icon Medic.png
Randombox SIX12.png
Repair Cost
Full repair - 5400Currency Dollars.png
Damage Multipliers
Head:1.2x, Body:1.0x, Arms:0.8x, Legs:0.7x.
Damage 570 (57x10)
Range 5.8
Rate of Fire 185
Aim Accuracy 76
Hip Accuracy 59
Ammunition Capacity 6/42
Additional Information
Damage Minimum 300 (30x10)
Damage Drop 100/m
Reload Duration 2s
Zoom in/out Duration 150ms / 150ms
Select/Deselect Duration 300ms / 300ms
Spread Minimum/Maximum
Stance Normal Zoomed
Stand 9 / 17 3.6 / 6.8
Crouch 8.1 / 13.6 3.6 / 6.8
Prone 8.1 / 15.3 3.6 / 6.8
Walk 10.8 / 18.7 4.5 / 8.5
Sprint 13.5 / 17 -
Jump 13.5 / 20.4 7.2 / 13.6
Spread Attack
Spread Decay
Spread Decay Delay
Recoil Attack
Stance Normal Zoomed
Stand 200 200
Crouch 200 200
Prone 200 200
Walk 220 200
Sprint 200 -
Jump 200 200
Recoil Max
Recoil Decay
Recoil Smoothness

SIX12 is an experimental firearm released for law enforcement in 2014. The shotgun has a revolving cylinder that is rotated by the double action trigger. A unique feature is that the cylinder completely detaches from the gun to allow quick reloading
  — Item Description 

The Crye Precision SIX12 is a Warbox Shotgun.


The Crye Precision SIX12 is a unique revolver-type semi-automatic shotgun. The shotgun has significantly lower damage per shot and higher damage drop than other Warbox shotguns, making it considerably less effective at closer ranges, often requiring multiple shots to take down more heavily-armored targets. Its small 6-shell cylinder capacity is not helped by its inability to reload one shell at a time, although its reload speed is quite fast. Perhaps its only redeeming characteristics are its exceptional accuracy when aiming down the sights, and its increased minimum damage, allowing it to be more effective at longer ranges. Unfortunately, like most other automatic shotguns, the spread increases rapidly during sustained fire, thereby diminishing its only strong point. It is effective at medium ranges, provided the user allows time for the spread to reset after each shot.



  • Shared Silencer
  • Shotgun Silencer
  • Shotgun Suppressor
  • Shotgun Bayonet


  • EOTech 553
  • Aimpoint Comp M4s
  • TRUGLO Red Dot Sight
  • Mojji Zero


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