There are five classes available to a player in Warface, each class naturally has it strong and weak sides. Also 3 out of 5 classes have unique support abilities.

In PvP missions it is possible to switch the character class during the game, but in PvE missions class is locked till the end of the mission.


Icon Rifleman

Primary Weapon: Assault Rifles/Machine Guns

Default Weapon: M4A1

Special Ability: Able to resupply teammates and oneself with ammunition.

Tactical Notes: Good all-around fighter efficient at short and medium distances. Sacrifices some of the accuracy and range for the sake of damage output if using a Machine Gun.


Icon Medic

Unlock: After completing Medic Training.

Primary Weapon: Shotguns

Default Weapon: Remington Model 870

Special Ability: Able to heal teammates and himself, also able to revive fallen comrades with a defibrillator.

Tactical Notes: Medic Primary role is support.If forced to fight most efficient at short distance and in close quarters. Getting a good pistol will extend the range the Medic can fight at, Also The Medic Can Kill “Down” Hostile Troops With The Defibrillator.


Icon Engineer

Unlock: After completing Engineer Training.

Primary Weapon: Submachine Guns

Default Weapon: H&K MP5

Special Ability: Able to restore teammates and one’s own armor; able to deploy anti-infantry mines; planting and defusing bombs is twice as fast.

Tactical Notes: Most efficient in combat at close range. Primary role is support. (This class is extremely powerful in PvP, combining considerable efficiency with SMGs, increased durability due to armor, and the volatility of clay-mores on the battlefield.)


Icon Sniper

Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifles

Default Weapon: Dragunov SR

Special Ability: Can knock down enemies with Bolt-action Sniper Rifles. The sniper class can also use anti-personnel mines.

Tactical Notes: Snipers have a choice of bolt-action rifles which deliver much higher damage at the expense of rate of fire and therefore most efficient at extreme distances or semi-automatic rifles which provide higher rates of fire for snipers who want to trade less damage for higher kill rates. Don't use it close range!


The SED is currently only available on the Public Test Server.
Icon SED

Primary Weapon: Heavy Machine Guns

Default Weapon: KAC Chainsaw

Special Ability: Cannot be knocked down; Can perform co-op climbs alone.

Tactical Notes: The SED has impressive armor but is also slower than other classes. The SED has less health points than other classes and can easily be killed with one melee attack. The SED is the only class that cannot be revived by a Medic, only an Engineer can revive the SED.

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