CZ 805 G1
CZ 805 G1 Render
Icon SED
Permanent - 1000Currency Crowns
Repair Cost
Full repair - 2625Currency Dollars
Damage 150
Range 70
Rate of fire 80
Ammunition Capacity 1/1
Additional Information
Damage Minimum 0
Damage Drop 2/m
Reload Duration 2.5s
Select/Deselect Duration 200ms / 200ms
Explosive Information
Activation Delay 2.7s
Blast Radius 2.2-6.5
Blindness Radius 7
Blindness Duration 0.6s
Blindness Effect
Zone Degrees Effect
Red 80 95%
Yellow 110 35%
Green 360 10%

The CZ 805 G1 is a Grenade Launcher.


The CZ 805 G1 is a Grenade Launcher that can only be used by SEDs. This weapon is equipped in the secondary slot. The grenades have a blinding effect similar to the M84, but with less radius and duration.

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