Balisong Knife
Balisong Knife Render
Icon RiflemanIcon MedicIcon EngineerIcon Sniper
Balisong Knife Warbox
Repair Cost
Full repair - 1125Currency Dollars
Primary Attack
Damage 80
Range 1.6
Radius 0.14
Attack Duration (ms) 160
Attack Cooldown (ms) 100
Secondary Attack
Damage 160
Range 1.8
Radius 0.2
Attack Duration (ms) 800
Attack Cooldown (ms) 300

The Balisong Knife is a Warbox Melee Weapon.


The Balisong Knife features a secondary attack so powerful that it can instantly kill even enemies wearing a vest that protects against melee attacks. This trait is shared with the M48 Bowie Knife, Katana and Tactical Axe.

The weapon also features a unique draw animation, which can be triggered by switching weapons.

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