Armageddon Sniper Vest
Armageddon Vest Sniper Render
Icon Rifleman
Repair Cost
Full repair - 9620Currency Dollars
Armor Points: 125
-5% Select/Deselect Duration
+50% Primary and Secondary Weapon Ammo
The Armageddon Sniper Vest is a Vest.


The Armageddon Sniper Vest gives the user 125 armor points, reduces select/deselect duration by 5% and gives 50% more ammunition to both primary and secondary weapons.

Set BonusEdit

If worn together with other Armageddon Items, will grant a Set Bonus:

Set Items Effect
2 -20% Reload Duration
3 Detects mines within 10 meters
4 Reduces bullet damage by 15
+30% Explosive Protection
+50% Sprint Stamina
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